IDX Links

IDX Links

Build And Embed Links To Filtered Search Results In Any Post Or Page

Build and embed links to filtered search results in any post or page

Let’s get going:

  • Enter the editor for any page or post, or the page/post you would like to add your link too
  • In the editor, select the blue, chain icon from your text editor tool – the icon should read: “Build an IDXpress Link” when hovered over
  • A pop up will appear prompting us to label our link, for this example – we will use: “4+ bedrooms in Irvine”
  • In the same window, we may now add filters to display the results we’d like.
  • Again in this case, we will go with the following: Status: Active, City: Irvine, Beds: Minimum = 4, Maximum = 0
  • Select Insert Link and you now have a link embedded to results within the content on your page or post!
  • As a second option, you may select “Display Generated URL” from the pop up this example referenced so that you may copy and paste the raw link for use anywhere else.

4+ bedrooms in Irvine

5000 sq ft Minimum Lot Size

Minimum 3 baths on the market no more than 10 days